SSM now allows single director Company.

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Who we are

We are both certified licensed Company Secretary based in Kuching, Sarawak. We strive to help business owners to manage their Company to make sure that their Company direction is always aligned with the Company Law. The knowledge in Company Law of Malaysia is very crucial in growing a successful Company. With more than 20 years of experience, We believe that we can help you to manage your Company in terms of Law. We are also equipped with our very own customized secretarial software system which greatly cuts down the time and error to complete necessary documentation for our clients. As we know, time is money!


Until today, we have successfully incorporated and managed Companies especially in Kuching, Sarawak. Starting a business has never been easy, precious time may be wasted if you are not familiar in managing a Company especially handling processes required by the Company Law. By initiating our service, we will manage these promptly and accurately and this will save you more time to focus on growing your Company and Business. We will always do the best to fulfill the code of ethics (especially for Company Secretaries):

  1. Strive for professional competency and at all times exhibit a high degree of skill and proficiency in the performance of the duties of his office;
  2. At all times, exercise the utmost good faith and act both responsibly and honestly with reasonable care and due diligence in the discharge of the duties of his office;
  3. At all times, strive to assist the company towards its prescribed objectives based on the tenets of moral responsibility, efficiency, and effectiveness in administration;
  4. Have a clear understanding of the aims and purpose of the company as well as the powers and restrictions as provided in the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company;
  5. Be knowledgeable of regulations and procedures for meetings, particularly quorum requirements, voting procedures and proxy provisions and be responsible for the proper administration of meetings;
  6. Neither direct, for his own advantage, any business opportunity that the company is pursuing nor use or disclose to any party any confidential information obtained by reason of his office, for his own advantage or that of others;
  7. Adopt an objective and positive attitude and provide full co-operation for common benefit when dealing with government authorities or regulatory bodies;
  8. Disclose to the board of directors or an appropriate public officer any information within his knowledge that he honestly believes suggests that a fraud is being, or is likely to be, practised by the company or by any of its directors or employees;
  9. Limit his secretaryship of companies to a number in which he can best and fully devote his times and effectiveness;
  10. Assist and advise the directors to ensure that the company, at all times, maintains an effective system of internal control for the keeping of the necessary registers and accounting records;
  11. At all times, be impartial in his dealings with shareholders, directors and, without fear or favour, use his best endeavours to ensure that the directors and the company comply with the relevant legislation, contractual obligations and other relevant requirements;
  12. Be present in person, or ensure that in his absence he is represented, at the company's registered office on the days and at the hours that the office is accessible to the public;
  13. Advise the board of directors so that no policy which is in conflict with the interest of the company’s stakeholders is adopted by the company;
  14. Be aware of all reporting and other requirements imposed by the statute under which the company is incorporated;
  15. Be present or represented at company meetings and not allow himself or his representative to be excluded or withdrawn from those meetings in a way that would prejudice his professional responsibilities as secretary of the company.