SSM now allows single director Company.

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Registering Company in Malaysia

RegisterCompany.Business (, provides secretarial and corporate services mainly in registering and maintaining Companies (Sdn. Bhd., Bhd.) and Businesses (Sole Proprietor, Partnership) in Malaysia. is based in the land of borneo, Kuching, Sarawak and has been in this field for more than 20 years, dealing with thousands of clients thus far. By initiating our services, we will do our best to provide top secretarial services to you. Tell us your needs and we will tell you what is suitable for you.

You may have a great business idea in mind but what do you need to do to start this business idea? In order to run a business in Malaysia, you must register a Company, Partnership or Sole Proprietorship with the Companies Commission of Malaysia for your business. To start your business, you will need to know which entity you should register. Is it Sole Proprietorship/Partnership or Company? And what are the requirements, fees and procedures for registering these entity. At, we will assist you with our efficient secretarial services and put your worries aside.

A suitable, meaningful and qualified Company name is the base of registering a Company. Every chosen name shall be subjected to approval by the Registrar. Some of the basic rules can be found here. So be sure to choose one that is not too long, easily remembered and meaningful.

Upon the approval of your Company name, further details on your Company and Business will need to be furnished to the Registrar. Upon the approval of your Company registration, a notice of your approved registration will be issued.

If you are running your business in Sarawak, after you have completed your Company registration, you will need to apply for a trading license which require a commercial address. Do not worry, we also provide virtual commercial business address rental at a very low annual rental fee for you to kick start your business!

As your Company grow and mature, you may require to carry out certain task such as allotting more shares, transferring shares, appoint directors, and etc. These are the one of the few things that we, as Company Secretary will be able to help you out. We also have our very own customized secretarial software which greatly cuts down the time and error to complete all these documents, as we know, time is money!

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